Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Long Tail Keyword Strategy for Blogging Success

Blogging success is wrapped up in the benefits your blog brings you. Therefore, a blog can be said to be successful when such a blog can bring you some benefits like making new and uncommon friends across the globe and generating extra income.

Overall blogging success and making money with long tail keywords as a blogger is what I want to share in this post today. There are many factors that are responsible for a money making blog.

long tail keyword

For instance, every blogger wants to be on the first page of Google, this is because every blogger wants to be seen first by hungry internet searchers who troop to search engines daily to find solution and answers to their challenges in life and career.

Getting to the top 10 in SERP is not an easy task though but it is achievable by anyone. It takes wise hard work but it can be done. I've done it for several keywords on my blogs. In fact I have the number one slot for some of my keywords on Google as at today; try searching this keyword on Google: “creating traffic pulling blog”.

Long tail keywords are very powerful tool for blogging success in so many areas, ranking high in search engines, generating uncommon traffic and making money at the end of the day.

Let’s Look at 2 Benefits of a Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of how Google and other major search engines comb and filter the entire web to match searchers; queries with relevant web pages. This is where your blog comes in. A blog with the proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) uses keywords to attract traffic from the search engine results pages (SERP).

For your blog pages to be picked by search engines, I want to show to you the potency in long tail keyword strategy for blog blogging success.

Here are a few important potencies and benefits of using long tail keyword strategy in your blog (for SEO purposes).

1. Not Highly Competitive

There are 2 aspects of web site content strategy you must master to build a successful blog that is highly effective for lead generation and attracting targeted web visitors. These 2 are first is “keyword research” and the second is “competitive intelligence research”.

Not only should you target keywords that are being searched for in significant numbers by your local and global prospects and clients, it is very crucial that you know how much competition you will have to wade through before your targeted webpage shows up on the first page of Google and other search engines result pages.

Therefore, the wisdom is here is staying away from hyper-competitive keywords and keyword phrases. To achieve this, you have to adopt the use of long tail keywords; with this you can gain momentum from winning the first page of Google for a lot of long-tail keywords.

2. More Targeted Traffic for Your Blog

The specificity of these Long tail terms makes them far more effective for attracting highly targeted and ready-to-act prospects. For instance, a person searching for the term "blog traffic" is likely to type “how to create traffic generating blog” into the search engine box. You can see the trick in it now.

You will notice that with the first phrase (blog traffic); your blog will face stiff oppositions from highly Seo WebPages out there. But with the later phrase (how to create traffic generating blog) you can be rest assured that your page will make it to the first 10 in serp.

Having achieved these 2, your blog is fully set to daily host some good number of targeted traffic who will act on getting to your blog page where you may have relevant CPA, CPC; CPL etc. your Adsense ads surely will receive some good clicks.

The end result is that you now have a blog that generates targeted traffic which equals good number of clicks, good clicks equals good income.