Thursday, 1 January 2015

7 Super Duplicate Content Checkers

Duplicating content is the worst practice that any blogger can engage; it has so many negative impacts on the overall well-being of your blog, search engines and internet user’s frowns at it with passion.

Worthy of note is the fact that it affects your CPA programs. It is the worst enemy of your blogging career.

duplicate content checker

Once search engines finds out that you have duplicate content in your, trust me, you are in a big trouble. Google knows the original author of every article on the internet.

One major punishment your blog will suffer is the dropping in rank of almost all your targeted keywords, your blog may be ranking 1 for as long as those duplicate contents are in your blog.

Therefore, before you allow a guest post go live on your blog always check the articles with one of the duplicate content checker listed below to be sure that the article does not exist already in another webpage.

You must understand that there is increase in bloggers hiring freelance or article writers to write posts on different keywords for them which they will in turn use as guest posts in other blogs.

My main aim of writing this post is to bring to you 4 of the best duplicate content checker on the internet today, they are very free to use though some has premium package which gives you access to lot more options than the free package.

Here are some duplicating content checkers:

1. Copygator

2. Copyscape

3. Virante

4. Duplichecker

5. Articlechecker


7. Plagium