Saturday, 20 December 2014

7 Evil Forces that Makes You a Failure in Blogging

Blogging itself is not as difficult as it may appear, however many blogs fail due to a number of reasons! In this post I have pointed out 7 evil forces that can make you a failure in blogging; I call them evil forces because whatever brings failure is EVIL.

In as much as many bloggers want to succeed, success can only come if what births success is done. Many bloggers will blame outside factors, however, their failure is readily rooted in their own personal attributes!

why blog fail

Blogs fail for many reasons but in most cases the causes can be traced back to the personal attributes of the individual blogger! Blogging although not difficult does take time, patience and a willingness to work! Investing of yourself in these ways, consistently, is the only way you can expect to experience blog success!

Of course if for any reason you choose NOT to make the effort, then understand that it is your choice, and I mean your choice has become the mountain on your way to success.

Come along and let’s look at some key forces that are responsible for failure in your blogging career! Read 6 satanic thoughts that can hinder your quest to becoming a pro blogger by Mi Muba

1. The Force of “No Enough Time for Your Blog”

I want you to understand that the blogosphere is highly competitive these days, therefore you cannot afford to blog at your leisure and expect great success. Quite often if our 'commitment' to something is NOT all that strong we will find reasons as to why we should quit!

Achieving success in blogging is something that ONLY comes over time backed up with tireless effort! You need to keep faces because getting results in traffic or loyal readers are very slow to develop initially thereby increasing the frustration while decreasing any enthusiasm or motivation the blogger may have!

2. The Force of “Weak Focus”

Every blogger must possess a keen focus on what he/she saw in the first instance that motivated him/her into blogging, this to keep them in high spirit as well as keeping their posts relevant to their niche!

People for various reasons tend to lose focus on what they're doing and this usually results in them being less productive! When you venture into blogging, you must understand that you WILL be facing millions of competition therefore you must remain deadly focused less your productivity will drop.

3. The Force Imitating Everybody

It is good to pattern your blogging career after someone who has proven to be a successful blogger; you can pick 1, 2 or 3 as your mentors. This is good; but a situation where you want to do in your blog what every other blogger does is completely wrong.

I have come to realize that there are so many deceivers in the blogosphere, what they write or say is not the truth. Therefore, look out for few that you can trust and follow their pattern.

4. The Force of Thinking That Your Idea is not good enough.

Inside a man is the spirit of God, this spirit in man has enormous creative abilities. When you are committed to your business or career, creative ideas begins to flow through your mind. All you need do is sit down and analyze these ideas and see how it relates to your business and its growth.

The ways of God are always foolish in the eyes of man, do not throw away your God given ideas; they may be your stair case to the top most top of your business or career if you engage them.

5. The Force of not keeping to your original goal

I want to believe that before you began setting up your blog in the first place there was at least a vision or goal that drove you into blogging. Wisdom demands that you keep to your vision and goal of that blog. Don't deviate, you can start up another blog if necessary.

6 . The Force of Sluggishness

You  are to slow to learn; some time ago I join an organization and they told me in plain terms that they do not train anybody here, rather, everybody is expected to learn by observing. In blogging the same rule applies, you are not to be slow in learning, be smart.

Don’t believe that you alone on your own can be a success and does not need to waste time getting to know your fellow bloggers and building relationships. Don’t get so busy filling your posts with affiliate links thereby forget about building relationships that could open up opportunities. Getting so busy tweaking your AdSense so that people can accidentally click on them will not help you far.

Visit and read other blogs and learn more about your niche - from those of them who may actually know more than you in that niche.

7. The Force of Believing Every “Super Blogger”

You must not make the mistake of believing everything the so called super bloggers tells you, it is not easy to see real successful blogger FREELY telling you the truth on how to become a success in blogging. Get a mentor or two and be loyal to them and they in turn will be opening up depending on your loyalty level.