Sunday, 31 March 2013

List of Best Blog Pinging Sites

Hello everyone, I will be giving a quick list of some of the best Blog Pinging-sites that you can utilize for promoting your blog and blog posts online. Unlike the ping when you chat online, pinging in blogging is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism, which by using a weblog will intimate the search engine servers of a recent update to the blog that you are pinging.

Pinging acts as a third-party interface between your blog and the search engines, this will enable many of the services to pull them out for targeted keyword search. This means load of traffic for your blog. In a nutshell, a pinger sends your blog URL to search engines, and blog directories. Pingers are blog promoters.

list og blog pinging sites

I am able to bring you this report because as a blogger, these pinging sites listed below have helped my blog: in so great measure.

Remember to ping practically, don’t go spamming your links, otherwise you might risk the chance of having your own blog penalized, and it’ll be hard to get your way back to the top.

 And remember pinging is simply letting search engines and blog directories know your blog is updated. The more you show you’re a consistent blogger that can provide good content, the more credibility you get, and the more natural views you can get as well!

1. The reason why this is number one is simply because it pings your blog every 3 days to search engines and other blog directories. It’s free to sign up, and you can even set general categories for what each blog post is actually about.

2. sends pings to over 40+ services, which is the same as a few other ping sites I mentioned above, but overall, I personally like this. Not much I can say here for this one other than to simply try it out!!!

3. This one does more unique services and mixes things up a bit, which is definitely useful for expanding your blogs. It gives an instant report of each site pinged to your right, so you can just see the links go by quickly, and you can keep a rough check on which sites get pinged consistently.

4. This is number 4 simply because it’s one of the first pinging sites I found to be very useful. It sends pings to popular blog directories and search engines as well, and for this one, +Feedshark has a +Turbo-mode where if you have a fast connection, it gets the pinging done quickly and efficiently.

5. Blogbuzzer sends out pings to services like +Technorati , +Yahoo, and more!

6. This site pings to several blog services pertaining to Google obviously, and it’s about 83 services that you have the potential of pinging to as well (that’s if you just choose Check all for “Popular Services” and “Blog Services” only).
Most of the time when I ping my blog (both my Bubblews and +Blogger blogspot), I get it pinged to 82 out of 83 sites. Pretty useful if you ask me, and +Google-ping is easy to set things up quickly.

7. Pingates sends your blog links to 40+ search engines, and that’s definitely useful for updating your blog! It has a simple format like most pinging sites mentioned in this top 13 ping sites review, just enter the blog title, link, and you’re good to go!

8. Ping-in is pretty straightforward, it has all the options of search engines and blog directories it pings your links to, and it just takes a few minutes before it gives you a quick report on which ones went through or not with a smiley face or frowning face.

9. This is another one that claims that you can enter unlimited amounts of links to ping, but in a practical sense, you want to just submit a few links (10 for 10 blog posts a day limit for Bubblews).

10. Another site that allows you to enter several links at once and keywords, Pingfarm is a pretty useful pinging site in my opinion. It’s straight forward, and if you scroll down a bit, you can type in your blog name and such, and it’ll ping it to a few search engines. It’s pretty straightforward and isn’t too complicated.

11. This is another simple ping site where you enter your blog name and blog link, and it will ping it to several search engines and other blog feeds. Also, if you have a +RSS for your blog, this augments the chances of getting your links known, thus more views!

Almost all of the ping sites mentioned in this review will have an RSS link option as well, so take advantage of it and +Totalping !!!

12. Pingmylink supposedly pings your blog to 1,132 Websites, but in all actuality, it only pings to the domain, not complex links. So in terms of utilizing this as a resource in getting your blogs expressed here, it’s not that useful. However, if you have a separate blog of your own, you can utilize this to get your backlinks from your Bubblews article to search engines faster!

13. 247pinger is a site currently in beta, and based on my usage of it, it’s not really showing too much progress, but it does have potential. It’s easy to use, and you can submit up to 5,000 links by entering one in each line. Now, in this case for Bubblews blogging, you won’t need to submit that many links, at most per day 10, and you can also enter keywords as well.

14. This is one of the best and popular blog ping tool that is easy and convenient to use. Use this regularly to tell search engines and other blogs of your updates. If there is one ping tool that I will recommend, then this is the one as this automatically pulls out information from your blog.

15. This is a service notifying a number of services to keep track of weblogs and publish them as and when required or hunted for. Every time you ping your blog, you are letting to know those services about your blog posts. This means next time, they will crawl down to your blog to pick them up and thereby increases the popularity of the blog posts.




19. Is your blog not listed in Google index page yet? will help you get that done as quickly as possible.

NOTE:  If you know of any other good pinging site, please let me know, use the comment box to mention it.